• FAQ

Q – Can I order by purchase order or have Thomson Reuters bill me?

A – Yes please call 1-800-344-5008 for additional information on ordering.


Q – Is there a discount offered if I order more copies?

A – A discount of 10% is offered on 101 or more copies on the initial order.


Q – Is standard shipping and handling charged separately?

A – No, standard shipping and handling is included in your purchase price.


Q – Can I order an update service without an initial code?

A – To get an updated service, an initial code should be purchased at the same time.


Q – When can I expect to receive my materials?

A – Most materials are shipped within 7-10 business days.


Q – How does the CCR Update Service work?

A – The update service allows Thomson Reuters to provide all new and replacement materials as they become available, ensuring each customer is compliant at all times.


Q – What credit cards does Thomson Reuters accept?

A – AmEe, Visa and MasterCard are accepted.